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AVT – Audio Video Tools Application is an Android based application which will run on android based smart phones and tablets. AVT, also referred to as Audio Video Tools Program, is a multi-functional app for compressing, joining, and trimming audio and video files. Android application with best-quality output for functions like audio video compress, join, merge, fusion of files, actracting audio from video, adding audio to videos etc.

Video formats like .mp4 .wmv .divx .m4v mpg 3gp mp4v mpg4 movie m4u flv mjpeg mkv mts webm can be compressed to MP4 AVCHD AVI FLV M4V MKV MOV WEBM WMV formats .

Audio formats like mp3 mp4 acc ogg wav 3gp m4a flac can be converted to MP3 3GP ACC FLAC OGG M4A MP4 XMF WAV formats.


– Convert audio files to formats compatible with MP3 3GP ACC FLAC OGG M4A MP4 XMF WAV (Single file Compress)
– Audio Cutter; – Compress to mp3 format, one by one, all audio files in a folder (Trim your audio file, make ringtones)
– Join Audio (Join two or more audio files)
– Audio Fusion (Mix two or more audio files )
– Get Audio from Video, Audio from Video Extractor,
– Volume Booster
– 5 Band Equalizer Audio Player.
– Directly from the app, share a compressed file via social media or email.


– Compression of video 50% of a single file
– Video Compression of up to 50% for all video files in a folder
– Video Cutter, Video To GIF, and Video combining two or more video files of various sizes
– Audio file addition tool for videos;
– Video recording

– You may view the notification’s compression process.

– The compression tool can run in the background while you use your smartphone for other tasks.
– Compatible with Android 11+
– Convert audio file extensions into mp3 and other formats.
– Save a video file in the app’s supported formats, including mp4 and others.
– Choose files from the SD card or USB drive.

Benefits of Compressing audio files

Because compressed files are compact and use less bandwidth, they can be transmitted over the internet.

By reducing the file size through compression, more files can then be stored because there is more space available in the device.

22.81 MBĀ  to 5.50 MB

AVT Application can also compress all audio files in a folder to mp3 format and make the file size smaller than the original file. You will not be required to select one file after another. This option will pick audio files one after another.

Compress Video Files to the desired output size


Video File Formats


How to Add New Audio to Video file


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